Fly with Nemaclys! Tandem Paragliding is Fun and Easy

Tandem Paragliding is a truly amazing experience, and doing it in Costa Rica… what could be better! . if you want to make an instant booking the quickest way is to call us on (+506) 8819 3006 | (+506) 2634 3027

Tandem Paragliding 20′ | $100

Almost everyone has dreamed of flying – soaring through the sky like a bird at some point in his or her life. Arms stretched out, running a few steps, being lifted off the ground and leaving it behind to circle high up in the sky. For most people this remains a dream, but who search and find a way to turn those dreams into reality: those who fly a paraglider!

Paragliding courses

If you want to paraglide, and you want excellence in instruction, then you want Nemaclys! Our flyzone is based in sunny Caldera, Puntarenas and enjoys teachable, flyable and fun weather year ‘round for paragliding. If a school isn’t available in your area, please consider coming out for the time of your life in a beautiful environment that is fun for the whole family!

Restaurant & Pacífic lookout

The Lookout Nemaclys Restaurant is a legend in its own right. Nestled between Caldera beach and Mata Limon, this Restaurant’s location is unique on our Planet. From Sunrise to Sunset, this place just makes you feel free. The cooking is fresh, simple and jolly good value  and full Bar service caters for every palette. Please come and enjoy with your friends.

Visiting pilots

Our Clinics help pilots who have never flown in Costa Rica before, and those who want to perfect their technique. Pilots gain a huge amount of insight and knowledge by the end of the clinic allowing them to take their flying to the next level, and start working towards Cross country flying.

Shows and Amphitheatre

The amphitheater is an outdoor venue that has a capacity of 400 seats, including lawn seats. It was recent built in a superb eco design. The place has become an ideal venue for festivals, concerts, comedy shows and other kinds of gatherings. Please contact with us for schedule!

Having a function

We have the flexibility to cater tour groups and are able to offer any menus based on budgets and time availability. Our set menu prices are most reasonable and we guarantee efficient friendly service and the finest freshly prepared food. A full liquor license enables us to offer cocktails.

NEMACLYS: Paragliding… and much more!

No experience necessary to fly over beautiful cliffs in Costa Rica with a certificated pilot. Our tandem flights are scheduled several times a day. We fly in the summer and winter, weather dependent. We will fill out some legal papers, the pilot will give you a briefing at launch and you will be put into a comfortable harness. With just a few running steps you and your pilot will take off the side of the hill like a bird.

Especially for tour groups visiting Nemaclys, we have found that by supplying a-la-carte menus to all tour leaders, telephone orders can save much valued viewing time and enables your guests more freedom of choice. Our clients can soak up the clean fresh air, feast their eyes on the splendor and just relax… at the Look Out Deck.

An amazing flying site

We use the amazing GoPro cameras to capture insane video and photos of your tandem paragliding flight – all the action, all the emotion! Ask your pilot.The inflight photos and video are an optional extra. You can view them after the flight without any obligation to buy them. If you do want to take them (most people do), we give them to you in a very convenient format – a 8GB micro SD card with an adapter and a plastic housing – very modern!


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